Even and odd numbers

Hattie has been loving the TV show Odd Squad. A friend of mine suggested it for fun math learning. Hattie said it was one of her favorites so I started recording it. Now she watches it every day! This morning she was asking about which numbers were even and odd because they had done that… Continue reading Even and odd numbers


To the woman at the grocery store. And how you can help her. (A picture of a mom at a store went viral. But you can see this at any store you go to!).   I remember when I first started working in labor and delivery.  I was 22 and fresh and new to the world.  Seeing babies being born was truly awe inspiring.  My brain was… Continue reading To the woman at the grocery store. And how you can help her.

Learning activities

Simple number and counting activity

If your child is interested in numbers, you can make simple number cards for little ones to help with number recognition, one to one correspondence and even simple math.  I used playdough with Logan to make small balls that he could practice using on the number cards.  It is a quick and easy game to… Continue reading Simple number and counting activity


Discovering your child’s interests

This week, I invite you to start to discover more about what makes your child soar.  So much learning happens when a child can fully and joyfully engage in their passions and gifts.What makes your child tick??Trust them that whatever passions they have is part of their unique and beautiful path.Ask your child what they… Continue reading Discovering your child’s interests