Canary children

Miners would use canaries to give them an early signal of danger. A danger that the miners were not sensitive enough to detect on their own. Without the canaries, the miners would suffer greatly. The sensitivity of the birds was not a weakness, but their key gift.

Some children are canaries. Do you have one? The child that can sense issues with not enough connectivity in your family or too much tension or anxiety in your home. When everything seems fine for the rest of your family, your canary child tells you that things are not right and something needs to be done before a catastrophe.

But just like a canary cannot speak the words “this place is not safe!” usually canary children can’t either. You might see them alerting you by crying more than the others. They might try to get your attention in ways that seem negative. And exhausting. They may throw things or yell.

Their sensitivity may not seem like a gift. The other members of the family are fine, so why aren’t they? But thank goodness for the canary kids. Otherwise, you may not get a glimpse into your greatest opportunities. Without the canary, the areas of danger may creep in and affect your family in drastic ways.

The miners didn’t ignore their canaries and neither should you. It was an emergency signal that something had to be done. Pay attention to your most sensitive child and see what they are telling you. Recognize that their sensitivity is not a character flaw or weakness, but a great asset to your family.

Give that sensitive child a hug today and tell them Thank you. Thank them for helping your family be better, more loving, more connected and more whole. They very well may save your family.


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