Self-Directed Education

An Ode to the wild ones

An Ode to all the wild ones out there (and to their parents!)

There are lots of wild children who are not in zoos

They might not do sums, or even wear shoes

They choose their times that they go to bed

And they decide what they put in their heads

They jump in seas and climb up trees

And you won’t hear a peep if they decide to sleep

They have no alarms, or schedules or tests

Nobody makes them wear shirts or a vest

They choose their clothing and if you look,

They may or may not have their head in a book

As no clock is ticking, measuring their score

You will find these wild ones on every shore

When with a wild one there is only one must

And that is YOU must learn to trust

And remember the wild thing you were one day

The secret you that was put away

For these wild ones without clipped wings

will be able to do unfathomable things

And over time you will see they will become

Who they came here to be.

Lehla Eldridge


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