Even and odd numbers

Hattie has been loving the TV show Odd Squad. A friend of mine suggested it for fun math learning. Hattie said it was one of her favorites so I started recording it. Now she watches it every day!

This morning she was asking about which numbers were even and odd because they had done that on Odd Squad. I had already bought her a number line because they use that a lot on the show. So I made her a simple game and she loved it!

Evens and odds

-A number line

-Two bowls

-20 marbles

-Pieces of paper with even/odd written on them

I showed Hattie how she could count out marbles and then put them into two bowls. If there is an even number in the bowls they are even. If there are leftovers, it is odd. Then use the label for each number.


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