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Gas station school

I have heard it said that we often keep kids away from world and then primarily try to teach them about the world in the classroom.

Sometimes we box learning into something that only happens in a classroom, or only certain months, or that it is something kids only do between 8am and 3pm.

But the real world contains the knowledge they need to live and succeed. It’s all around us! And in vivid color and so much more interesting than a worksheet.

Don’t forget that often their most engaged and impactful learning will come from just living life and connecting with YOU.

Today I pumped gas and my 2 year old and 6 year old begged to get out to help me. Of course that can seem like a pain when you are just wanting to get done and go. But I was so glad they came out!

I looked at the pump and saw how much learning there was.

*We read the prompts together as I paid and got ready to pump.

*They helped me figure out which gas was the cheapest.

*We watched how many gallons of gas was going in

*And how much it cost.

We don’t think about how this common every day chore has so much to offer kids for learning. But I will tell you, my kids were so engaged in the activity because they want to help me and it seemed exciting.

Look around you, you’ll be amazed by what they can learn!


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