Discovering your child’s interests

This week, I invite you to start to discover more about what makes your child soar.  So much learning happens when a child can fully and joyfully engage in their passions and gifts.

What makes your child tick??

Trust them that whatever passions they have is part of their unique and beautiful path.

Ask your child what they love to do. Watch them.  What can they do for hours and hours? What excites them?

It's ok if they don't have any "impressive" passions like archaeology or molecular science.  Maybe their passion is a video game or bugs.  It's all valid and important.

Second challenge is to sit with them for a bit every day and engage in your child's passion WITH them.  If they have a show they love, watch it with them.  Ask questions about it.  Play their favorite video game.  Build legos with them.  Looks for bugs together. Whatever they love to do, be with them and come with an attitude of curiosity so that you can learn more about your child.

I can't wait to hear more about what your child loves!


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